Smart outlets helping with device detections?

I now have a few of the KP125 and a HS300… I am wondering about those users that have a few dozen. You are obviously removing most of the “noise” from your electrical system or at least defining all these individual parts and patterns of your electrical flow for sense.

Are you all getting better/ faster/ more reliable detections for the devices that are not going thru a smart plugs ?


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@ccook, smart plugs don’t actively “remove noise” or do noise cancellation for the Sense monitor data collection. Part of the reason is that they operate on such different timescales - Sense measures in micro-seconds, with 1/2 second interval aggregation (RMS) reporting, the smart plugs do thousands of measurements per second, aggregating (RMS) into 2 second samples that go to the monitor. And underlying all this is a 60Hz AC voltage cycle and current response. So the Sense monitor uses the raw microsecond waveforms for picking up the on and off-signatures / transition of fast switching devices.

Sense does some detection of slower transitioning devices (EV ramp, mini-splits) based on the 1/2 second data stream.

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That makes some sense, I just kind of assumed that the individual smart plugs would have to assist with device defection some.

There is an indirect detection benefit - Sense gets to see more of the waveforms running around in your house so they have more data to improve and expand their models.

That said, the new data collected by smart plugs will be of great benefit to our Data Science team in improving our device models and detection. With this in mind, we hope to utilize them towards implementing such a training feature in the future.

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