New smart plug integraton


I am trying to see if I want to take advantage of the new smart plug integration. If I plug in a device and identify it, then unplug and plug in a different device, could I use that to identify the hundreds of individual devices in my home?



No that’s unfortunately not how it works. Sense doesn’t actually “detect” the device that you plug into the SmartPlug, it just associates the particular usage with the device on the Smart Plug. Once you remove the Smart Plug, things are back to what they were before.



So you are saying that sense doesn’t learn the characteristics of the product that i plug in and associate it with real name of the product for use in it’s identification database? What is the “sense” of using a smart plug then? I thought that the smart plug would report the info to the database.



Not yet, but training via smart plugs is coming. Would be worth it for you to read the FAQs and release notes associated with smart plugs:

Will Sense remember my devices if I remove them from the smart plug?
We are not yet training your Sense monitor to recognize the plugged-in device in the absence of the smart plug. Therefore, for the best experience, we recommend that you set up your smart plug to monitor a device or set of devices, and then leaving it in place. That said, the new data collected by smart plugs will be of great benefit to our Data Science team in improving our device models and detection. With this in mind, we hope to utilize them towards implementing such a training feature in the future

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I see. It would be cheaper then for me to get a full circuit reporting system where I can keep more granular track of things than to buy 244 smart plugs



Yeah I would definitely not buy 244 Smart Plugs. Your WiFi network would probably not even support that.



For me, full circuit reporting was cost prohibitive. 66 different circuits in two panels. Plus you don’t need to put smart pugs on all devices in the house.

  • Sense has found 45 different devices in my house, including 1 EV (not the Model 3 yet).

  • I’ve discovered that a large percentage of the small electronic devices, including things like switches and routers have pretty much constant power profiles thanks to a couple of move-around HS110s. They don’t need constant monitoring - and would never be found by Sense anyhow, but I now know they roll-up into Always On.