can a smart plug be used with sense to determine a new sense device

I am stuck trying to figure out what device sense has found and named.
Can I get a smart plug to plug a device into and collect data separate from sense to correlate with the sense device found data (like device 1 or 2 or 3) to try and figure out what device is found?
Would the smart plug change what sense is detecting at all so once I figure out which device is sense named and rename it in sense I could move the smart plug to a different device.

Yes you could get any 3rd party plug and attempt that. Not all will integrate with Sense but by your question it appears that’s not what you are attempting to do.

The smart plug will not change Sense’s detection of that device. So if you wanted to move it around after you are perfectly fine doing that.

There’s also other ways in which you could try to figure out what it is. You could even post pictures of those unknown device signatures here in the Forum and the community can help you figure it out based on seeing a number of these. You can also check here to see if any match up.

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If you use the smart plug as a switch to turn on and off the device it could. If you simply plug the device into the smart plug and don’t use it as a switch it should not effect existing or new detection.
If the smart plug can integrate with Sense that is fine too, just don’t merge it with any device.
Smart plugs do not help sense discover new devices.

I assume the unknown detected devices are a device or part of a device that you can’t simply turn on and off manually and look for the bubbles.