Unknown off?

Just hooked up my Sense on Saturday and for the first time I’ve seen Unknown labeled as Off and not accounted for in total wattage. Is this normal? Could it be that no one is home now and there isn’t a lot running?

Holy cow - Saturday as in a few days ago Saturday? And you’ve got some fridges, a coffee maker, garage door opener and microwave sorted out already? I’ll be damned, maybe you don’t have anything unknown running that needs to be figured out yet! There may be some things in the Always On that could be parsed out, but wow…I think you’ll make a lot of veterans jealous with this post.


Yes, I’ve been surprised that so much has been found. Turns out when no one is home, my unknown is very low usage. I am just waiting for my Tesla Model S to be found as this was one of the primary reasons I bought Sense as my electricity bill is way too high. I still have plenty of unknown appliance to be found also such as Dishwasher, Washer, Dryer, etc.