“Usage” v. “From Grid” Difference?

Let us know how it goes and if that fixes the extra From Grid usage. I’m especially interested in what a the Day solar summary looks like the subsequent day. Please post a screenshot of the summary for “Yesterday” once you have a summary for a full day of solar operation.

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I can tell you that the monitor is already more accurate. The devices are now popping up more consistently.

I will post again tomorrow night with a screen shot of the full solar production.

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Here are today’s totals (so far) and some screen shots:

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Thanks ! looking good.
Right now To Grid - From Grid = Net production, as expected. I’m interested in the same display for Aug 8th, but from tomorrow, after Sense has converted / closed the data to Yesterday.

I’ll post the totals for today, tomorrow.

Let’s hope everything adds up!

Here is the screen shot of the totals for yesterday:

Thanks. To Grid - From Grid = -13.3 while Net production is -9.8. I think this is a different variant of the issue you saw at the start of this topic (spurious extra load being added to From Grid), but I think it’s a relatively new issue with the solar summary that affects all solar users. I’m still investigating.

ps: The anti-corrosion extension cables do fix a real issue that Sense support can detect from your data, so you did the right thing to install.


Bug is confirmed and in the Sense system. No ETA for a fix yet. Basically the 1AM update of the Solar summary corrupts (adds extra kWh) to the From Grid of the previous day. Same goes for Week/Month/Billing Period summaries. Incomplete Days/Weeks/Months/Billing are correct (To Grid - From Grid = Net production), but summaries for completed Days/Weeks/Months/Billing have discrepancies. The From Grid is to blame !

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Thanks for getting to the bottom of this.
Now wait for a solution :wink:

Kevin: Thanks for your efforts! Now let’s hope they get the fix in ASAP!


@bob4 ,
Here’s one where the issue is almost as obvious as your first example.

Here, my From Grid is the same as my whole house usage for the day.

I think what happens is that Sense slips in an extra chunk of From Grid data from the 12AM-1AM period of the subsequent day. In this case that included EV charging !

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Hi folks, @bob4 , @dannyterhaar ,

I just received this message from Sense support, then did a little spot testing myself. it looks like this issue has been fixed and the summaries have been backfilled at least some period of time into the past !

Example: Net Production once again equals To Grid - From Grid (within 0.1kW rounding error)

I am seeing Weekly and Monthly summaries show a difference of slightly greater than 0.1kW between Net Production and To Grid - From Grid, but my guess is that might stem from multiple roundings as the issue.

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Fantastic! Thanks for your efforts!