Using without internet


I actually wish solar in Sense had a view where it showed usage like this. (Net metering style)


The unit does store I believe 6 hours of data in the event it loses internet connectivity. If internet connectivity is restored, it will upload the backlogged data. Sometimes it takes its several hours for the charts to be updated with the stored data.

The trick is though that the storage is volatile. So if you reboot the sense, that data goes away.

Only partially the answer I think you are looking for, but know that there is some storage there in the event of a basic network interruption.

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Ahh, that explains it. I powered off the sense because I was not ablet o get it connected to the wifi. After restarting it was able to reconnect.

Thank you for that explanation, and why the data was lost :frowning: Also the update could be making the sense needing a reboot.


I can understand someone wanting a net meter style view so they can match up with their power utility’s numbers. But I have found hour by hour utilization comparisons to be much more helpful in understanding differences between the two. Plus the Eagle just bases it’s numbers off your smartmeter, so it’s not really a double check on your utility’s billing. Just an on-computer view of my net meter.