Voltage discrepancy fix just deployed - let us know if you still see issues



I went ahead and pulled in the January stats from my solar gateways as well and added them to my chart.

The Solar Gateway (collects stats from all the microinverters) readings are a bit wacky for the 1/8 - 1/15 period. I suspect that is due to me running beta firmware on my gateways (have a NDA in place with the vendor), and was working with them to tweak things.

But for the period 1/16 - 1/31, the microinverters are reporting production slightly higher than what Sense is. That would make sense since Sense is subtracting the loads from the shop sub-panel, and there is a bit of voltage loss as well between the micro inveters and the Sense CTs located some 200+ feet away.

p.s. The POCO called me back and confirmed the issue I saw on 1/25 and 1/26 was due to a known bug in their billing system when I produce more than I consume. They are working on it. Fortunately my net metering is very simple. My rate is always the same 24/7 365 days a year. If my bank grows very large over the coming years, they will cash me out as the same rate I pay them. My POCO is a CO-OP, so their policies are very friendly to their members. :slight_smile:


I went ahead and bought another pair of solar CTs. If it’s a device-side problem, the errors will be exactly as they are now. If it’s a hardware problem with my CTs, the errors will be different - better hopefully, but worse if there’s a QC issue with the CT production. QC problems with the CTs would explain a lot of variance - how widespread it is and how all of us aren’t in one direction or another - Howard’s over reporting, I’m under reporting, etc… I have to get down to the bottom of this.