What do you think this is?


The first pic is not, for sure, your water heater. Do you see the scaling of the graph?
It shows 2200watts and the device sh0ws 1503 watts. Water heaters only come in 3
wattages, 3800,4500 and 5500. Now sense sometimes only shows half the power which
is referred to as “one leg” which is 120 volts and it actually uses 240 volts. There are
two legs of power each with 120 volts. So clearly, if it was showing one leg only then
it would be approximately 1900, 2250 or 2750. Water heater elements do not vary, they
are all or nothing being all the way on or all the way off.
It looks like it could be an oven. it looks like mine before sense started picking up the
second leg. The element of my oven is just over 3000 watts but looked just like that
when first detected.
I’m pretty new here and hopefully an expert will chime in.


Thanks samwooly1, ya the first pic is what sense thinks is the oven. From your post it sounded like it may look one way when its first discovered then after time refine it? I am also very new to sense and appreciate the help.


My problems which aren’t really problems but just part of the process are very similar to yours. There is so much good information here in the community but it’s not always easy for me to find.
Sense was right about ease of installing but the patience it requires is tough for me. The users that have been here awhile preach patience and some of the things I had trouble with did correct in time just like they said it would. Not everything but I’ll take their advice and give it more time.

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