What ever happened to ECOBEE integration?

whatever happened with this ecobee integration? my ecobee stuff is still sending data to sense servers, I don’t get why we have not at least had something like you do for HUE lights, where sense is able to positively ID my hvac stuff. Sense seems to find a new HVAC blower motor every few months…

Previously discussed. Not exchanging data in real time.

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@pir8radio, just to make it clearer, Ecobee only reports max every 5 minutes - not enough to show real-time in Sense bubbles, or to do the Hue thing.

yes but in its 5 min pings it sends data about the previous 5 mins. so every 5 mins sense has a full picture and can use that data to identify when devices turned on, as well as load increased in sense to identify equipment. But that isnt being used either… So what is sense doing with this data we send then? and original question still stands… ecobee integration when and what will it do for end users directly?

You’re missing something here - that ping only reveals the state at that 5 min interval: temp, temp settings, HVAC mode, and run state, not specifics on when the AC or heat actually turned on. As for what it does for users, my belief is that HVAC models and detection have greatly improved since the integration was added.

Check out the difference from here:

Until here:

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