Ecobee and and assist to AC monitoring

Does having an ecobee help sense to more accurately monitor my ac usage? It currently only senses about half of my Ac’s on time, was wondering if a compatible thermostat would help it correct this.

Sense does connect with Ecobee to pull historic data, which enables Sense to improve the models for Ecobee users, with side dividends for all Sense users. But the data is not directly used to update Sense, partially because the Ecobee updates arrive at 5 minute intervals (it could take up to 5 minutes for an AC bubble to appear, after the AC turns on, if Sense used Ecobee data directly).

I think the integration with Ecobee seems to work. My AC detection has gotten much better since the integration was added. Top graph is AC usage from Sense, bottom is from Ecobee. Both sources are collected and displayed in Home Assistant.


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Does anyone know when the issue with ecobee integration was fixed? I hadn’t been able to link my ecobee from when I first purchased a Sense in July 2020. Don’t recall exactly, but I used to see an error or button to ‘Connect’ under the Ecobee Thermostat page within the Connected Devices settings. I had worked with Sense Support on this, but came to realize this was the result of a change to Ecobee’s API and would require an update on Sense’s end to resolve. I retried to connect the ecobee a few times over the following months before giving up.

Then just today I noticed under Ecobee Thermostat on the Connected Devices page it reads “Sending Data” and there’s an option to ‘Delete’ within the Ecobee Thermostat page itself (vs. the button saying ‘Connect’). In other words, it seems like the ecobee connection was fixed at some point. Probably been 6+ months since I’ve checked this ecobee integration page within the settings. Just curious if anyone knows when this was fixed.

There was fix back in Feb 2021.