Ecobee sending data

I have installed two Ecobee 4 thermostats
On the sence app under “Connected Devices” it reads " Sending Data" and has been for over an hour

How do l know if Sence has integrated them and moreso what information do I get from Sence via these devices as i do not see any new information in the app?

@Brightonuk , you are seeing the full extent of feedback you get when the Ecobee Historical is turned on. It’s working if it is saying “Sending Data”. More info on what is done with the data below…

This integration will immediately send all of your historic Ecobee data to the Sense data science team. Going forward, it will continue to send batched historical data on a recurring schedule.

Note that this will not result in any immediate new or refined detections in your home, but we’re confident that the data we receive will help us improve HVAC detection going forward for your home. In time, this data will also help improve HVAC device detection for all homes in the Sense userbase.