What's New in v1.14.0

Just a note: In the spirit of simplicity, we have decided to align the app version numbers. iOS and Android are now both v1.14 (meaning that there is no Android v1.11, v1.12, or v1.13).

Merge Devices

Did Sense identify the heat and motor components of your dryer separately? Was your Fridge identified as two separate devices? Now you can merge them into the one device they were always meant to be!

Just select a device you’d like to merge and tap ‘Merge Device’ at the bottom of the details screen. You can then select the devices you’d like to merge it with and tap ‘Done’ to complete it. Once merged, you can rename the new device, set custom notifications for it, and do anything else you would with a regular device. This merged device aggregates the data of its components, giving you the ability to view combined usage stats in one place. Need to make changes to the components? Unmerge by tapping ‘Merged Device (#)’ and unselecting the devices you’d like to remove.

By merging components that belong together, you help train Sense that these components are part of one device. This information informs our algorithms, making it more likely that future Sense users will have just one device detected, where you had multiple!


May want in some instances to be able to break down the components again. May want to keep them separate, but allow “drilling down” on the merged components. Such as a refrigerator total, vs, fan, defrost, ice maker eject preheat, and ice maker. Will help in the future to see what component is going bad and when. B

Rumor on the FB posts say one CAN “unmerge.” Good to know how that turns out for those who try it.

@bphick, yes you can unmerge! I actually mentioned it in the notes up there (it’s just hiding in that longer paragraph).

In terms of being able to see energy breakdowns while the devices are still merged, that’s definitely something we’ll consider for the future!

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We also created a short video with our Product Manager, Hilario, talking through some of the last few releases. Check it out for a quick walkthrough: Sense App Updates | v1.14: Custom Notifications, Merging Devices, and more - YouTube!


This is awesome! The ability to unmerge is really easy. One question, does the “parent” device make/model replicate to the children? That way if I merge all the fridge parts, the data science team can see the model of the parent? Or would I still need to tell sense the fridge light is from this make/model.

Excellent, thanks!


Excellent feature although the iOS app crashes on my iPhone 7 plus when merging, going back to the device window, and swiping down to refresh.

@mattlebaugh, yes, Sense is able to tell the make/model of the merged device based on the make/model data of the ‘child’ devices. The merged device will inherit whatever attributes the ‘child’ device you began the merge from had, and because merging is not destructive, the data from the other ‘child’ devices still exists and is accounted for as well. Let me know if you have any other questions on that.

@dgreen045, thanks for letting us know. We’re working on a fix for that and should have a patch out for it soon!

My Sense is still 1.13, installed about a month ago. I dont see an update function or similar utility. How are updates deployed_

I saw another iOS update released. It too has bugs.

On my Apple iPhone 7 Plus, I removed one of three devices from a merged device. Once removing a single device, it cannot be re-added. The only way I found around this is to remove all merged units from the device and re-merge.

Hey Cal,

Monitor firmware updates are automatically pushed when they are released. Those are typically structural improvements and behind the scenes improvements.

App updates likes this (what most user facing functionality is on) can be done like you would any other app, in the iOS or Android app store.

@dgreen045, sorry to hear that! What was your step by step to get the error? We’re working to try to reproduce and track down the issue.

I tried, Apple die did not update the app even though I’m 1.13

App did update at Apple Store this morning; thanks.

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Glad to hear it!

Hey Ben the new features and bug fixes are really nice!! Thank you so much!!

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