Will Installation of Clamps Before the Meter make a Difference in Discovery of Devices?



Will the placement of the clamps before the meter have any effect on the discovery of devices? Sense has been installed 7 days, and it’s found one mini-refrigerator, my “always on” watts, and “other”. I have a Flush Panel with a meter on one side, and the breakers on the other side. There is not room for the clamps on the breaker side. I ended up running the clamp wires into the meter side of the panel, and placed them on the mains BEFORE the meter.


@d.stout, there shouldn’t be any issues with that set up, but to be safe, I’d send a couple of pictures of your setup over to our support team at support@sense.com, and mention what you said here. They’ll be able to look and ensure everything is setup and working properly.


Thanks, will do.

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