Will sense work with the Legion solar 2 (puts energy into your lines)


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I’m thinking of backing this:

Because I’ve been looking for a simple solution to get Solar back into the grid, which this appears to support, and in theory the 200w model would eliminate all my idle usage.

I think this means the sense would see less current draw from the utility, and am just wondering if it would confuse it’s analysis…



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Hmm, I think to answer my own question, sounds like I would need sense solar to be able to account for this.

Ok, but to be equally complicated, I have power lines that run from my breaker to where I would put the solar panel, but I have a limited number of things plugged in (WiFi hotspot, LED light, Well pump). So I could add the sense solar current monitors down at my breaker where my main sense unit is, but the solar current monitors would see power ‘in both directions’ (into the panel when the solar is more than the wifi, but less when the pump is running).

Would the sense be able to accurately understand that?



Hey Jim,

We took a look at this and you’d need to use the hardwire option rather than the plug n’ play option (the one that just plugs into an outlet) for Sense to work properly.


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Thanks for the reply. Just to be clear, I understand the hardwire option, but does that mean that the solar has to have it’s own feed? (vs. it being on a breaker with appliances), or can it be shared?

I’m guessing you’re going to say it has to be on it’s own line, and the solar current clamps go around that…



Jim, I would do some research or consult an electrician about this product. A typical solar installation requires a grid interconnect approval from your utility. With my interconnect in MA, if I don’t coordinate with my utility, I can actually be billed if my usage ever goes negative. My bigger concern is that code in most areas requires a utility external disconnect so that the utility can shut down your array if the grid loses power and they need to perform work in your neighborhood. While there are several articles noting that a modern microinverter performs this function in software by sensing line voltage, this setup could still be a code violation in your local area.
I really wish that solar was this simple and cheap (as long as it’s also safe), but there are reasons that off-grid systems are so much cheaper than interconnected ones.

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