Worst-case (almost) scenario


Both air conditioners, the water heater, AND the dryer. Two of three refrigerators. And clouds keeping the solar output low (instead of the 4kW it should be producing this time of day). I guess it could be worse if the crawlspace dehu kicks in …


Wow. That is an impressive line up of power usage. I am guessing/hoping this rarely happens…


This belongs in every thread complaining about device detection.



At least one of those is a kegerator. That should help ease the pain of the electric bill. :beers:


I’d hate to see your power bill. Would give me a heart attack or stroke! :slight_smile: Looks like you could use more solar panels or invest in a load controller.


Eh, it’s not really that bad. The water heater often doesn’t run for days because of the solar glycol system. And the dryer, well, whatcha gonna do?

We’re on a weird hybrid rate plan, where they take the 15 minutes with the highest average net consumption and charge us something like $3.70 per kW, then add $0.05-$0.06 (depending on the time of day) per kWh. We bought the house in April, and May was the worst so far because we had peak usage of 17.8 kW on move-in day. Since then the peak has been more like 10 kW.

Last bill was about $200 IIRC.