3DFS: Any Electrogeeks Want to Comment?


This wandered into my Facebook feed the other day. As I read the article, it struck me that there was some overlap between what this group is trying to do and what Sense does, at least on the measurement side. Would love to hear comments by people who actually know what this stuff means:


Sweet, so power companies can improve their efficiency of energy transmission and consumers can keep paying the same prices. Count me in!


The article and the company’s website are actually quite light on what kind of load/power conditioning they do. But the article is right - a huge amount of power is lost due to load and grid driven perturbations in the AC power delivery.


AND this is why we shop for gear that has a power factor as close to 1 as possible. Neat technology in that they’re using rapid micro-sampling and capacitance/injection to clean the signal. Hopefully it’ll gain traction and start making some REAL improvements (i.e. grid-scale). I wonder if there’s a small application here to take a crappy generator feed and clean it up into SINE for residential use?


This is pretty much my thought. It seems interesting (I am not an EE or physicist) but they’re definitely lacking in the detail that would turn my questioning :face_with_raised_eyebrow: into an excited :heart_eyes:


I’ve actually had an inside look at 3DFS and its pretty cool tech. Their proof of concept demo is pretty convincing and can help out a lot of markets.