[NEWS] - Sense Announces Open Source Effort to Accelerate Electrification of Homes

I thought folks here would be interested in seeing this news. As we have more information, we’ll be sharing it, but figured I’d start a thread here :slight_smile: .


That’s pretty cool! I always thought this would be a good value proposition for Sense, particularly related to EV chargers.

Would this standard also work for larger commercial or multi-family properties? I could see this really helping get L2 chargers in places it would be otherwise cost prohibitive.

So, is there any more detail on this initiative? Is Sense putting forward a protocol proposal? Who are the parties this is targeted for? Tesla? GM? LG? Honeywell? Are there any partners at this time?

All good questions. We have quite a few folks out for the holiday that would best answer this, so I’ll follow up here once I can get their answers to your questions.