Juicebox Integration


Hi all,

I’ve asked about this via support, but thought I’d add it here since this is the community forum (and could get more votes). Since it looks like Sense is working on integrations, it would be great if we could integrate with “smart” EVSE’s (like Juicebox, Chargepoint, etc). Juicebox has an API (https://emotorwerks.com/products/partner-solutions/juiceconnect) that should allow grabbing when car is charging or not. This would help resolves issues I (and I assume others) have had with Sense not reliably picking up EV charging cycles. Obviously Tesla support would also help with that, but I don’t have a Tesla. =)

Thanks! Happy to provide support in testing if this is something that’s pursued. =)

p.s. Looks like Chargepoint also has an API: https://na.chargepoint.com/UI/downloads/en/ChargePoint_Web_Services_API_Guide_Ver4.1_Rev4.pdf

But I only have a Juicebox Pro 40, so that’s more what I’m looking for integration with.


+1 for juicebox

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+1 for chargepoint

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@mattlebaugh and @keith_McBride1 would ya’ll mind voting for it up top as well?



Done, didn’t see voting was added.

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I agree, I have a Juicebox 40 and use it to charge a nissan leaf and tesla M3.

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I would be happy to share my JuiceBox EVSE charging data with Sense to help analyze the charging signature of my BMW i3. Sense has detected it, but the waveform data detected by Sense doesn’t match the actual data from JuiceBox.


Would it be possible for you to submit this to the library?
I think it may be of interest to see side by side screenshots.


Try this, I think this is the direct link.


still greyed out.

no worries. Sense detects my Volt pretty well now. I’ll let @mercslexus2000 do his for his i3.


+1 for Chargepoint integration


I planned to do this, but in the meantime Sense’s detection has really deteriorated by picking up what is seemingly only one leg and only a portion of the charge cycle. I have a ticket into support to fix this issue first, then hopefully I can submit more photos and details.