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Hi All,

I’m about to purchase a Level 2 EVSE, and I’m undecided about the JuiceBox Pro 40, and the Chargepoint. Both have APIs, but I’d really like to hear if Sense has any sense (har har) of if they’ll be looking at EVSE integration, and if so, which vendor(s).



Hi @staze - just moved this out of the beta section so more people can weigh in on their experiences with EVSE’s.

We have looked at a few EVSE APIs, but I can’t say we have anything on the roadmap for the near term, but it’s absolutely on our radar! I think I have seen a few people who have had their JuiceBox’s recognized. Perhaps they can share some advice?

Good luck with the vendor search!


I would love some type of integration. I’m still leaning toward the JuiceBox, and given their business model, they seem likely to have the best/cheapest (free) integration. They already integrate with some utility providers to do time of day charging, etc.

Any way to encourage bumping this up the list? I’d prefer Smartthings integration first, but this would be a close second. =)

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