EV charging inaccurate logging

Hi all,
I use a JuiceBox to charge a Chevy Bolt EV. Recently I have observed a fairly large discrepancy between what Sense believes a charge cycle is actual

The Sense data is far short of the real charge data, examples below:
9/11/20 charge session, Sense logged 4.8kWh, charge time 2Hr 12min 55 sec
Actual chare session as reported by the Juice Box
9/11/2020 charge time 06:44:54 51.296 kWh

9/18/20 Sense logged 40.3 kWh Time on 6h 51m 35s
Actual 9/18/2020 06:53:55 charge time 52.401 kWh Charge time looks correct or very close on this one but energy used is underreported by 20%

10/2/20 19.2 kWh Time on 0s although the graph clearly shows bars in 3 hours
Actual 10/2/2020 02:42:50 charge time 20.452 kWh

The one yesterday is within measurement error of the current sensors I would guess

Here is a screen capture of the 11th

Dreed… Over the last couple of months… My app showed very little accuracy of data for my Electric hot water heater… 220 volt… 4500/4700 watt… ( depending on upper or lower element ). Sense could not even get it close… Not sure but I think it my have been an update that brought it on. Didn’t even pick it up when it came on… No changes in over a 2 years…Gerry

Hi @dreed. Have you already reached out to support@sense.com about this issue? I’ve included a couple initial questions below.

Was Sense previously detecting your Bolt with higher accuracy, or has this issue been consistent since initially detected?

You have a level 2 charger, correct? Can you share the device Power Meter view screenshot, preferably a daily view and a closer view of it charging?

Hi, @JustinAtSense, Very Sorry I missed your reply somehow.

For a long time Sense did not detect the Bolt EV, July of 2019 it began detecting it and only beck in October did I make a detailed comparison between the two devices measurements, so short answer is I am not sure.

I do have a Level 2 charger, I had posted several detail shots of it charging in this thread

It seems that the easy answer here is to try for device integration with Enel-x, makers of JuiceBox, as most of the units sold for several years have current sensors and log exact power draw on the EVSE branch circuit.

Anything that can be done to move that forward would be greatly appreciated. I had thought that at one point I had seen device integration with JuiceBox but now when I go back and look for it, and look in my app, I only see my Ecobee thermostat.

Is JuiceBox integration still in the works?