EV charging inaccurate logging

Hi all,
I use a JuiceBox to charge a Chevy Bolt EV. Recently I have observed a fairly large discrepancy between what Sense believes a charge cycle is actual

The Sense data is far short of the real charge data, examples below:
9/11/20 charge session, Sense logged 4.8kWh, charge time 2Hr 12min 55 sec
Actual chare session as reported by the Juice Box
9/11/2020 charge time 06:44:54 51.296 kWh

9/18/20 Sense logged 40.3 kWh Time on 6h 51m 35s
Actual 9/18/2020 06:53:55 charge time 52.401 kWh Charge time looks correct or very close on this one but energy used is underreported by 20%

10/2/20 19.2 kWh Time on 0s although the graph clearly shows bars in 3 hours
Actual 10/2/2020 02:42:50 charge time 20.452 kWh

The one yesterday is within measurement error of the current sensors I would guess

Here is a screen capture of the 11th

Dreed… Over the last couple of months… My app showed very little accuracy of data for my Electric hot water heater… 220 volt… 4500/4700 watt… ( depending on upper or lower element ). Sense could not even get it close… Not sure but I think it my have been an update that brought it on. Didn’t even pick it up when it came on… No changes in over a 2 years…Gerry

Hi @dreed. Have you already reached out to support@sense.com about this issue? I’ve included a couple initial questions below.

Was Sense previously detecting your Bolt with higher accuracy, or has this issue been consistent since initially detected?

You have a level 2 charger, correct? Can you share the device Power Meter view screenshot, preferably a daily view and a closer view of it charging?