Weird (recognized) EV usage

Today I came home early from work and started charging my Chevy Bolt:
Screenshot from 2024-05-07 18-46-19

I plugged it in at 13:42 (1:42PM) and it was charged (80%) at 15:39 (3:39PM)

But as you can see in the mouse-over, it didn’t see the load.
According to the cursor it saw only 400-600 watts of load while I was charging with 40amps x 240 volt = 9600 watts.
The orange part clearly shows a load but the mouse-over says only few hundred watts.
IRL the load of charging the EV & the load of the house was well over 10,000 watts!

Just the stats of today of DEVICES → CHEVY BOLT

According to the green bar it drew 6700Wh watts the 2-3PM hour.
IRL: 9600 watt x 1 hr = 9.6kWh

According to my EV:

65.4 miles/4 miles/kWh = 16.35 kWh used from the battery.
Let’s assume 10% overhead from the onboard charger in the EV, I would need to draw 18kWh from the grid to replenish the energy in the battery again.
Sense says only 13.2 kWh was used by the EV: 24% difference

When I look at last months business miles kWh I used from the battery (only charging at home):
april: 273 kWh

Only 99 kWh used by my EV ? that is only 1/3 or so!

On top of that we used some personal miles that I do not document.
So the difference is even more IRL.

EV usage detection of Sense is not reliable.

And detecting the EV charging but not adding it to usage:

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Hey Danny, can you go back and check yesterday’s (7 May 2023) data in your power meter now, around 2:41 PM (PST)?

The reason is simply that the power meter in the web app is generally not reliable, especially with newer data. As you can see, the dots in your image are not in sync with the peaks, so it’s measuring out-of-sync wattage.

This issue usually resolves itself, but it tends to be more of a display error than a data-gathering issue. I would wait for the display to render and refresh the page fully as necessary.

If you encounter these issues or are concerned, I would also suggest looking at the power meter on your mobile app and comparing the discrepancies. The power meter works much better there, so it will likely show the correct data.

I don’t love that this happens with the power meter on the web sometimes, but it can happen. So, it is best to be aware of it, know what is wrong, and see if you can adjust it to ensure it displays correctly.

To account for some lost kWh / compared to what you may see from your other sources on your Chevy Bolt is a little tricky. Some solar interference could be part of it, as well as Sense detecting a huge amount of your “EV,” but it is missing some components. Since it uses the ML device detection and does not directly monitor it, not getting it 100% is pretty likely, as we have mentioned before, with EVs. I don’t have a great answer for your situation, but we are working on it. It would be nice if I had a Chevy bolt to test this with, but alas.

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I just returned home from work and this time everything is detected in the moment as expected:

Even though the Bolt is classified as “other” but in the right top corner it shows the actual load

and the power meter now also shows the total load including EV charging:

Yes, when I look at it now, it looks fine

Weird that it seems to work today when i plugged in, but not yesterday

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