Electric Vehicle - 2017 Chevy Bolt EV

Below is the timeline of the delayed charge, “departure setting” for a 2017 Chevy Bolt EV

Arrive home and plug in EV, Chevy Bolt connects to Level 2 EVSE, using on-board charger, and does very brief (20 second) “test charge”. The Bolt is programed for delayed “departure time” charging, it will now wait until it needs to start to be fully charged by the desired departure time.

Apparently this timeline will be multiple posts as I am prevented from including more than one image as a new user :frowning:

Bolt calculates that to be fully charged by 7AM it needs to start @ 2:30 AM. Vehicle begins charging


Check out the lengthy discussion on EVs. The good news is you are running pretty standard and Sense will eventually recognize your Bolt. My Volt and Model 3 charges variably based on available solar generation and I am pretty sure they have written me off.

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Here’s that thread of which @markhovis73 is referring. It’s a good read, and there’s a lot of info about how EVs are challenging devices to detect (probably to the contrary of what you might intuit from just looking at their signatures). Detecting Electric Vehicle (EV) devices

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thanks both @markhovis73 and @RyanAtSense I will give it a read, the rest of my images and notes may not be significant based on the prior threads you note, but as the system is now allowing me to post more content, for completeness below is what I had attempted to post over the weekend.

As battery reaches capacity, Bolt charger tapers the charge to charge completion @ 6:50 AM. Additional loads visible are dehumidifier turning on and off, and starting at 6AM, home heating system.

Same image as above with a line drawn showing the load of Chevy Bolt EV charging and charge taper, to make clearer just the load of the EV battery charging.

The easily distinguishable characteristics are the load steps during ramp to full 32A current load for both the test charge as well as the actual charge, and the charge taper leading to charge completion

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Nice illustration @dreed
I think you should share this in the library


I agree with @samwooly1. Love the annotations on your image! I had gathered that Sense hadn’t detected your Bolt though and you were inquiring ‘why’. Is that not the case and Sense has detected it?

Actually it has not yet detected the Bolt but in fairness it has only charged three times since I installed Sense. My graphics were more my documentation of it’s actual charge profile.

I can add to the library , new to this forum and sort of thought by posting I had done that, I see it is separate, and will try that.

Reading the EV thread I see reference to the Volt/Bolt detection being launched, however searching the thread I am not finding reports of successful detection of the Bolt yet…

I have the same model car but Sense hasn’t detected it even though it’s been charged hundreds of times

Yep, same here, now had sense installed a little over a month and charged EV about 10 times, not detected yet…

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