Electric vehicle detected but no data

I have a 2012 Chevy Volt using the 240V Voltec charger. After a couple of months using Sense, I got a message that it had detected an electric Vehicle. I very excitedly checked that device and it showed no power consumption. So IO charged the car when I got home and checked this morning with the same results. I know there are a lot of threads about electric vehicle chargers but I did not find any examples the same as mine. Can someone shed some insight or tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks


You are not doing anything wrong… Sometimes the actual Sense announcement of a new device detection can be separated from Sense filling in the usage by even a few days, especially where the detections happen after device has been running for a bit (for EVs the detections can be delayed because the of EV slow ramp in power usage). There’s a chance that it also might not show - again, not due to something you have done wrong. Just the the challenges of consistent detection.

ps: Sense was right on the spot-on detecting my Model 3 charging in June, but lost it in July when Tesla updated the firmware.

Thanks. I will be patient

I have found Gen1 Volt detection to be less than useful. I wouldn’t get my hopes up.