Electric Car not recognized often

So for some reason my EV was never located until I wrote on this board and then one of the Sense guys helped and it showed up the next day. Since then it showed for a while but now it shows randomly. Often it just shows as “other”. This is a device I plug in every day that has a large draw that I’d like to check. I use a chargerpoint charger and it is a chevy volt.

Does anyone know why it often shows as other? I have been hopeful that sense would work out a direct integration w the charger like it does w my TP Link outlets and hue bulbs so it could more accurately track it, but so far that hasn’t happened.

I attached a screenshot to show it only is detected properly here and there

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My 2014 Volt is the same with Sense. I charge every single day at midnight for ~3.5hrs, yet Sense rarely recognizes this. Sometimes it thinks the EV is charging at 3.3kW (correct), other times it thinks the EV is charging at 1.8kW (wrong), or 600W (wrong).

I know that Sense has a hard time detecting devices with ramp ups/downs such as EV charging, so I’m not getting my hopes up that Sense will ever some to their senses :roll_eyes:

Hey @evan.h.kent. Thanks for sharing, can I have Data Science take a look at your monitor data?

Of Course! They can look at anything they want. I am more trying to find out why bc Id like to get my other as tiny as possible!