Continue To Improve EV Detection - Generic Detection?

I bought a Wrangler 4xE in August, have had a level 2 charger since day one. The charger draws almost 9k watts, WAY more than any other device in my home. It takes a little over 2 hours to complete a charge and many days it happens multiple times a day.

I don’t understand how or why Sense hasn’t identified my EV yet, it sticks out like a soar thumb with its charging signature and it happens multiple times per day. I agree with the OP, this is a huge fail on Sense’s part. I dont care that Sense know what EV I’m driving, I simply want it to track the Ed’s consumption.
My opinion, sense needs to find a way for the users to be able to identify a signature and name it since it seams some signatures are easily distinguished but not identified.

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