Idea on EV detection

I have read a lot about the complexities of EV detection and appreciate the effort the sense team is putting into this. I think it needs to be a priority. My 90AMP capable Tesla Wall Charger, even at only half power, uses more watts than both ACs and the Dryer turned on at the same time. It is literally the elephant in the room.
As it appears the key to sense detecting these various chargers is more data I was wondering how likely the following change could be.

Develop a version of the firmware that uses the “solar” sensors and inputs as a secondary reading measurement.
Attached the “solar” sensors to the EV circuit breaker.
Require EV users to enter the exact specifics of the EV Charger they have.
Run separate machine learning algorithms only on the EV Charger data until many different ones are detected.
Then add those detections into the main detection code.
In the meantime allow the EV data to be reported based off the data from the “solar” sensor.

I’d gladly pay 50$ for a second set of sensors if it allowed me to see how much I am actually using to charge a Tesla 3 with a HPWC.

As a Tesla owner, I’m also looking for Tesla to pick up my Model 3, but I’m looking more to their current efforts based on what they learned from their first go round, than a major change in strategy repurposing the solar CTs. Why ?

  • they already have one-off support for 3 or 4 models. My wife’s Model S identifies fairly well on the HPWC at 80A. So they have shown it is possible.
  • they are working on a new flavor of long window identifications, that aligns better with car charging power ramp-ups.
  • if you have Sense solar today, you know that the biggest part of the development effort is not the extra clamps, but the SW to make use of the data from the clamps. It’s not just pop the clamps on and measure.
  • I have 2 HPWCs in two different circuits so one pair of extra CTs would’t be enough.

You might want to watch a couple clips from Sense’s recent webinar that discussed EV charging.

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