Tesla high power wall charger (HPWC) load balancing



Just want to ensure that the Tesla high power wall charger (HPWC) load balancing configuration is being considered when you are looking at identifying EV’s charging. I have 2 Telsa’s and we have two wall chargers configured in a load balancing configuration if this is something that you need a sample account to use mine would be good. And I will provide you with the information that you need about the cars and stuff like that.

One would also think that having the cars plugged in to power and also on the home network that this should help make them easier to identify with these two touch points.


FYI for sense, which I would expect they already know, the charge info is available through the tesla api. I use TESLAFI right now to keep track of my cars usage. That interface would however, as I understand it, require the Tesla owner to allow sense to login using their credentials. I would suspect some owners might not not like to do that.


That is a good point,
I would think that most Tesla owners would be open to allowing sense to login to their account to read some of their electrical usage info if it would help the process along.


I’ll pass this along to the DS team to make sure it’s on their radar.



If the DS team is interested, I’d be more than happy to supply them with the info that I receive about my cars charging from TESLAFI.

Just have them contact me