Electric Vehicles

I have had a Electric Vehicle Charger on a 240 Circuit for over a year and Sence still hasn’t figured it out. This product does not do what I wanted it to do. There needs to be a way to add devices manually

It only took a couple of weeks for Sense to detect and add my EV (60 amp, 240V circuit) Tesla Wall Connector for a Model Y. Mine is set to charge off-peak when the rest of my electricity usage is low. Are you also charging at a relatively “quiet” time?

Which EV(s) are you charging on that charger ? I ask, because charging ramps are so different between EVs, Sense detection is somewhat Make/Model and even EV software version dependent.

Yes 11:30pm cause electricity is cheeper on off hours


More interested in the Make and Model of the EV(s) since they generally produce the charging ramp on and off signatures or patterns that Sense uses to detect the charging.

Tesla Model Y

Hmmm. Sense has generally been pretty good with the most common Make/Model vehicles including the Model Y. They have had my Model S (80A) and Model 3 (48A) detections dialed in for the better part of a year. Are you charging your Model Y at the full capacity (48A, I think) ? Does the ChargePoint charger do any modulation to match charging with solar output ?

No solar. 55A. Regardless this is too much work to have to go through which is why i am not a fan of Sense. This never met my use case for the product. Wanted to map specific products to circuits and costs in my electrical box wanted to make this accurate enough to know every outlet regardless les if something is plugged in.

If mapping your load center is was your main use model, this is a much better tool.

Klein Tools ET310 AC Circuit Breaker Finder, Electric Tester With Integrated GFCI Outlet Tester https://a.co/d/fkyEOWg

43$ and doesn’t require you to flip breakers.

[NB: the 80A and 48A above seem like a mix of theoretical maximum amps of the charger vs actual amps used by the car. I believe the onboard charging circuit for a Model S is limited to 48 amps isn’t it?]

I have a pair of Model S with gen 2 wall chargers. After 2 years of use, one day early this January Sense finally popped up and said that it had identified an electric car charger. Oddly enough, it was not at 48 amps, but at 32 or 36 amps. Since then, it’s identified the one charger, only when it is at the same charge level.

I’m guessing the chargers/cars have too low a ramp up for reliable detection of multiple rates.

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