Sense found my Level 2 Car Charger - but is not accounting for all the voltage

Electric Car Charger - Clipper Creek Level 2 (240V @ 7.7kW)

I waited while Sense detected my new electric car. :slight_smile: It took about 2 months. Details: Chevy Bolt connected to 240V 40A Level 2 Clipper Creek charger. The charger pulls about 7.7KW when charging. It looks like it’s only accounting for 1.3KW - I find this interesting because that’s what the 120V Level 1 charger took when we first got the car - but within a week we had the Level 2 installed (back in April).

The cars usage makes up about 90% of the “Other” usage in my house.
Sense Engineers - I’m sure you’re working on this, but there HAS to be a way to account for “more voltage” in your algorithm “after detection”. I mean, this is not really even a “detection problem”, my Sense is seeing it without an issue.

I’ll help any way I can.
The Customer Service team gave me the standard “it takes time - there are complex algorithms - but no problems with Tesla” line - and I’m a bit frustrated.


Just out of curiosity, Do you have a pattern that you typically follow when charging? Like, typically change in the evening? Is there a lot of other stuff going on at the same time? Plug in the car, do a load of laundry, make dinner, etc at the same time. I am just thinking maybe there is some noise or competing devices that sense isn’t picking up the other leg. I agree, seems to be a pretty unique device that should be able to be picked up pretty quick…

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Well, we started charging “after 11PM” a few weeks ago, and originally would charge when we got home “6PM”. If you take a look at our usage - other than the AC which has been detected (and takes 3.5KW), there is a house fan that is around 500W that we may be using at the same time. Nothing anywhere near the missing 6KW.

As I said - Easily 90+% of “Other” in our house is the Electric car.

Thanks for taking a look!

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Take a look at this thread on EV detection, especially the explanation near the end. Sense has done some tweaking to recognize a few chargers, but they are reworking their recognition framework to align with the power patterns that EV chargers chart.

I’m lucky in that I have one EV out of 3 (or 4 if you consider our plug-in hybrid) that is consistently identified by Sense, a Tesla Model S. Along the way, I encountered the same phenomenon you are seeing - correct detection, but at a much lower power level than expected. Eventually Sense seemed to be able to tune after a number of support messages. But no dice on the other Teslas… I’m not counting on any magic until they get the new infrastructure in place.

Given the explanation of Sense’s current challenges with EV chargers, and my experience, I’m guessing that Sense selects a max power point on the EV power ramp-up curve based on some feature that occurs before actual max power, maybe a small fast knee in the ramp-up that looks like power is leveling off.

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Chevy Bolt owner, with a Chargepoint L2 charger. The L2 charger has not been detected. :frowning:

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