EV Smart plugs

I am going to get a Porsche Taycan. From reading the forum, it appears that sense engineers need to do one-off device detection for EVs (?). Since this is a fairly obscure car, I suspect it would be a long wait for the device detection code to be done. Instead - is there a smart plug with monitoring that I can use for the car charger that sense can interface with (NEMA 14-50 outlet)? Or any other ways to monitor consumption? Since it will become my largest consumption device, it would be nice if Sense knew about it.

Get another Sense and dedicate it to the Porsche circuit.

The calculu$ here doesn’t need explanation I believe. :wink:

FYI: If you really want the Sense engineers to nail the device detection for your Porsche, this method (high res reliable sample data from another Sense) will certainly help in that goal.

Thanks. I don’t understand your comment about the calculus though (?).

Anyway, will my primary sense treat the second sense as a device in my home (preferable)? Or will I need to monitor it with a separate account.

If so, is there some kind of smart plug available instead? And I was wondering - are there not APIs for sense to talk directly to the EVSE, or the car itself, so sense can just use that instead of having to use the normal algorithms? I would think Tesla, at least, would have such an API…

Calculu$ meaning: expensive car + expensive electricity adds up to the cost of an additional Sense being minor by comparison. My feeling is also that the more reliably you capture the data the more useful it will be and the more energy and money you will save.

No, a second Sense won’t be recognized by the one you have. Currently you will need to log in to one at a time or have multiple computers/phones/tablets to do that.

I believe most/all the EV manufacturers (Tesla included) haven’t opened up their charge data so there is no “easy” way to integrate with Sense.

Ok, thanks. That’s not going to work for me then. I’m hoping for something that sense will see without the hassle of having separate sense accounts. Like a smart plug. Hopefully someone else can pipe in about such a thingy.

I’d stay with 1 Sense & get Porsche’s connected EVSE to monitor use/costs. (“newsroom.porsche.Kom/en/products/taycan/charging-18558.h7m1” modified so not a link)
“The Porsche Mobile Charger Connect combines intelligent charging functions with network and Internet connectivity. It can be used to charge the vehicle with 11 kW. With the “price-optimised charging” function, daytime and night-time periods, during which electricity is cheaper, are also used specifically for charging. Operation is intuitive via the five-inch touch display. Data such as the battery’s current charging status and the remaining charging time can either be displayed on the screen or on a smartphone or tablet linked to it. Thanks to its WiFi functionality, the Mobile Charger Connect can also be networked with the Home Energy Manager so that intelligent charging functions can be used at home.”

The Level 1 charger/EVSE would be perfect for a smart plug, 3 of which are available now. Once the battery is full, unplug the 11kW. Plug in the 120V Level 1 + Smart Plug to monitor vampire loads that are typical of EV’s. Get a sense of baseline load pattern with full battery. Set an alert if load exceeds ‘normal’ to detect when something is ‘broken’. Many EV owners post about vampire loads going from normal to 3-5X+ when something breaks so it should be an obvious difference.
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Thanks. I’m aware of that. I’d still like sense to have the smarts to break out my car charging usage.