4 wires for supply line question

My main panel is a little odd it has 4 wires for the supply line, 2 per phase. How can I get the leads to go around each phase so anything that is being used in this panel can be detected? Right now it’s only detecting the usage in the subpannel. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Would you please take some additional pictures and post them in the forum.


  1. The whole breaker panel
  2. The breaker panel/meter setup
  3. The service entrance to the meter

You will probably need to move the CT’s prior to the meter (if that’s possible).

We just need more info to determine your configuration. Thanks

Tough situation.

IF you have access to the meter side then you can potentially clip around the bus, the supply lines or where the wires for each phase are next to each other and you can potentially wrap around both of them with one CT.

The 400A support option may also work for this assuming you have room around the supply lines, although it looks tight to me.