How to connect to this main breaker

We just bought a new house and will be moving the Sense installation but unsure where to connect the CTs to this main breaker setup. Any help is appreciated.

Sorry to say, but I think that is impossible.
You basically need to combine the 2 red thick wires in the middle trough one CT and the 2 thick black wires through the other CT.

Impossible to do imo, unless you are able to open left lower hatch under the meter and hook them up somewhere there where the wires are combined to the meter base.

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news.

I had a similar setup although in my case the main feeds from the meter were metal bars with no space to put a CT around them. What I ended up doing was not in the sense manual, but it work for me:
Basically we took all phase 1 wires from the breakers and routed them together (in a few case replacing the originals with longer wire), and put a CT around that, ditto for phase 2. Your panel looks a bit cramped for that approach, but you might be able to make it work. This setup certainly works for me though.

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Looks like I do have the option to tab into the section under the meter. Would I just punch out the cutouts in this section to run the CT wires?? Any other options?

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Thats what I did - CT leads run from the meter side to the Sense on the breaker side.

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You will be measuring the input lines to the meter, so the usage of the meter itself is included but that should only be a couple of watts.
That is the way to do it!