7 Months In - 3 usable devices... Hoping for a breakthrough


Good afternoon,

I’ve had Sense now running for about 7 months. I’ve barely had anything new discovered for months now. I’ve submitted countless tickets – all with really no more information than “just wait” or “known issue - wait a few more weeks”. My EV was first discovered months ago – and it’s not working now again for the third time. My Keurig now shows up as my toaster oven. My dishwasher and dryer no longer show up correctly. With the seasonal switch between winter and summer, my air conditioner still doesn’t show up – even though the blower (that was discovered) now doesn’t show up. My vacuum cleaner shows on when it isn’t.

How about my washing machine, TVs, any lights (all LED house), microwave, oven, computers, etc. Nothing. Not even being learned.

I’m at 46% unknown and 30% always on. So 76% useless information essentially.

Let’s do some math… 7 months. 12 items, three of which are my furnace. So that makes 10 items. Half of which no longer are being shown or reflect something else. That leaves me my garage door opener (very consistent), my water heater (for which I have two, but only one ever gets shown), and my fridge.

That really makes - three usable items in 7 months.

What should I do? It’s a brand-new house with all brand-new stuff in it. Does a reset really fix anything?




Hey Dave,

I’m sorry you’re frustrated and that you’ve had this experience! I saw you’re talking with Alex, our technical support representative, about the situation. He’s looking into your home’s data with our data science team and should hopefully be able to provide more detail.


Hi Dave. We all want this technology to be successful (hey we spent some $$ on it). That said, many of us feel your pain. FYI I was at the end of my patience last week and took the feedback from CS to reset. Thereafter Sense goes into a checking/calibrating mode for up to a week (according to the documentation). I am in Day 5 in this mode. I’ll be happy to update you once I have progress to report. FYI, others on this board have had positive comments after doing a reset.


You must have a lot of “noisy” devices in your home. When I first installed sense, it was in the “Sense is checking your installation…” mode for no more than 1 day. I then moved the CTs to my other panel so I could monitor A/C usage and reset sense. It was again in that mode for less than a day.


Don’t know if they are noisy or not but it’s day 6…


@mstraka606, our signal check and calibration process should only take up to 24 hours. If you’re still seeing a signal check screen, I would definitely reach back out to support.

Can I also ask where in the documentation does it say the calibration could take up to a week?


Have observed the same.

Two months in and a few weeks of no new devices, existing devices started being unlearned, it seemed. Considered returning the Sense and waiting for ver. 2. Instead I decided against the RMA and reset my Sense for another go-around.

I’d like to give this new co. a chance. -MB


Front page of Usage.


It would be awesome if the company’s board support knew more than to ask users for answers…or say “we are working on it”. Sorry to be sarcastic but I’m getting rather tired of trying to force Sense to help me


So what should I do Ben. Reset again? Contact support?


Thanks for sending that over. In an extreme case, signal check could take up to a week, but for the vast majority it should not take much longer than 24 hours. I’m going to make sure that we tweak that wording.

And yes, I would definitely reach back out to our technical support team and let them know you’ve been stuck on the signal check screen for a week. I’m really sorry for the confusion and the inconvenience!


Update: Before I could reset myself CS reset it for me! Unfortunately I have a solar system and the reset didn’t like the fact that the solar wasn’t calibrated so the load followed the solar product on the graph. Anyway, I reset again this AM and calibrated the solar system…hopefully the system check will be done within the next day or so.


Thanks Ben - I did see that they were sending it to your data science folks. No updates since I first posted this. Is it even useful to do a reset if there’s been no feedback about why I’m stuck at 3 usable devices?




I don’t recommend resetting at this point. I did it 3 weeks ago with the hope of having a better outcome than the 35% identified after 4 months. However, I haven’t been able to get off of the system check since doing said reset. Tech support has tried various things but today I’m still stuck. As you can see from the image, the monitor seems to be collecting data just fine…


@dave1, I just talked with Alex. He is still working with our Data Science team to look at what may or may not be going on. He should get back to you soon. In the meantime, I don’t recommend resetting your monitor. Thanks for your patience. If you still don’t hear from Alex by tomorrow afternoon, let me know and I’ll follow up!

@mstraka606, I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing this issue. Support will be able to help you get your monitor running!


I too am at my wits end with this device. Two devices, i’ve got one in the DMZ now and the support team still can’t figure out why the device won’t work. Waste of everyone’s time and money.

Latest call, they have no idea what to do next but send me a 3rd device. Not an answer. You’d think they’d want to get it to work, but when I said “return” the song immediately changed to “we’ll process and honor the RMA”.

I requested that a senior member of the company call me, lets see if that happens…


I have decided to just wait and see. This product appears to me to be “learning” from the early adopters and was pushed to market too early, at least for this Solar user. I am willing to help the “science” team if and when they decide my lay experience would be useful.
I do use the solar production information as my 16 year old dual tracking does not have the ability to log data.
I have two reliable devices, the garage door opener and the electric hot water heater. There are a dozen other devices but most come and go repeatedly and with no tie to devices I can find. Today the laser printer is quite active, on but not off every 30 seconds and I am not printing. Maybe Sense is a SLOW learner!


Reset Update. After 4 days of operation since the technical team forced my device to stop “checking” after a reset, I am pleased to report that 9 devices have been found. That is about 2 months faster than the original Jan '17 install timing. Still lots more to identify (BMW i3, dishwasher, clothes dryer, etc) but I feel like the device is back “on track”. I’ll update in another few weeks either way. It DID take some extraordinary communication on my part (contacting senior executive via LinkedIn) but the result is good thus far. I’m sympathetic with the company’s start-up problems (not enough resources) but in the end…the product is everything. So far C+. Let’s see what another few weeks/month of learning does to that grade.


Same feelings as @dave, @mstraka606 and @bsu4phd. I am on month 7 and essentially gave up on Sense after 2 months. Its been running and not discovering any new devices. Recently I got an alert that Unknown AC has been discovered and that peeked my interest again… but unfortunately I found out it was not really an AC (no idea what it was) and that a previously identified devices (Shop Dust Collector) is now being reported as the AC and the Shop Dust Collector is not being reported as any device now.

@BenAtSense For me the most frustrating thing is not that Sense is not identifying new devices but the devices it has discovered are completely unreliable. They work for a while then stop or they somehow are reported as different devices.

So net I have 90% of my usage is either unknown (58%) or Always on (32%) and the 10% that has been identified is completely inaccurate now. I have no problem eating this investment but I certainly will not recommend it to anyone.


@BenAtSense - I received a response from Alex - but it’s not really addressing my overarching issues that I’ve outlined here. His movement and ask for me was to simply help provide some details on my devices that are “cross-talking” with another sensed device. (My AC going on for a brief second showing up as my vacuum cleaner, my coffee maker showing up as my toaster over, etc.).

What is my data really showing your data scientists? How can I be so far out of reliability and consistently detecting devices or for large appliances to go unknown (and not even in a learning status) after 7-8 months?