7 Months In - 3 usable devices... Hoping for a breakthrough



I’m sorry that Alex hasn’t been able to provide more of a solution yet. At this stage, there are some devices that we are great at detecting and reliably reporting, and others that have models that need to be improved. Knowing more about what devices aren’t being detected properly and/or more about your home’s electrical environment can help alert our data science team to issues that need to be addressed and/or specific detection models that need refinement. I’d definitely get that information over to Alex if you haven’t already. He may be able to see something that can be done to improve things now or at least will be able to identify specific areas for detection improvements.


@johndellarciprete, have you tried to reach out to our support team (support@sense.com)? I can’t guarantee that they will be able to provide an immediate fix, but they’ll be able to at least take a closer look at your data and make sure there isn’t a larger issue. I understand the frustration with where your device detection stands at this point, but detection is improving thanks to the hard work of our data science team and I fully expect these reliability issues to improve in the coming months.


I’m in the same boat almost a year and only a few devices found.


June 2 update after data RESET. No new devices discovered this week. I’m a little disappointed but am “keeping the faith”. 10 devices discovered but no high current devices like clothes dryer, dishwasher,


Came back to provide an update - which is really not an update. Nothing has changed since I posted on this in May. So I guess that makes it about 2 months in and I’m already getting less interested in trying to keep up with support tickets as the response is always the same. Devices aren’t being added and those that are in my system aren’t reliability showing off and on status. (One moment the A/C shows running, then next time it’s shown as unknown.) To be fair - love the idea, discouraged by the results. Eventually I’ll just stop checking it or telling anybody else about it - and that kind of bums me out.


Two more months passing… Still nothing to update. No new devices (well - it found a “coffee maker” that’s only been on “one” time for 13 watts. It’s never come on again…) My always on is ~755 watts and with my unknowns is still pushing more than 75% mostly “useless” information. Is it time to reset the device? I’m just about a year in and the historical metrics might make some sense. Still no washing machine, dryer, oven, microwave, TVs, or any of my 100+ LED lights. Perhaps I’m feeling this will end up closer to how my two Chumby’s are feeling, nice to glance at but not real useful…


I’m surprised the microwave hasn’t shown up yet. They have a very unique signature usually. One of the first devices to show reliably up for me, both pre-reset and post.

I was at around 700watts of Always On until I went around the house looking at everything plugged in with some Eve Energys and started turning off things like the recirc pump in the wee morning hours. Down to about 300watts now, even with all critical systems (router, switches, servers) still powered.

As for LED bulbs and washer/dryer/dishwasher - nothing found yet except dryer heating element, which was discovered relatively quickly, even pre-reset.


My experience after about a year isn’t as bad as yours, but it isn’t as good as I hoped it would be. I don’t have solar - so only two CTs. Total consumption is very accurate - after they recalibrated my unit to compensate for an error during manufacturing.

Sense has picked up about 25 devices. Motors are very accurate - it picked up both vacuum cleaners, leaf vac, electric chainsaw, old & new garbage disposals, garage door opener, both fridges, my old washing machine, and my paper shredder - these devices were identified very rapidly. And have stayed mostly accurate.

After almost a year, it just picked up my air handler blower, which comes on for 5 minutes every hour (ecobee3 scheduled). It also picks up my outside AC unit (discovered several months ago).

For my old microwave, it picked up the appliance light and the magnetron. For the new microwave after several months, it has only picked up the magnetron.

It has picked up the halogen lights in the master bathroom (~600W), the LED lights in the downstairs guest bathroom (~30W), and the lights inside my kitchen fridge (although as of this week, it has started calling something else the kitchen fridge lights).

My luck with heating devices has been up & down. It picked both elements in the electric dryer, and then forgot one of them. After a few months, it picked it up again - so I’ve grouped both elements now. It picked up the small element in the stove, but sometimes calls it the dryer. It picked up my Keurig coffee maker.

No major electronics yet. There is an unknown device that comes on for exactly 4 seconds and consumes 100W when I turn on 4K TV in my living room. But it hasn’t picked up the small TV in my bedroom, which is used much more often.


Hey Dave,

I’m really sorry to hear that. Based on what you’re describing, I strongly recommend reaching out to our support team so they can take a close look at your data (https://help.sense.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). It does sound like something funny could be going on.


How are you able to differentiate between the components of the microwave? My Sense has detected a microwave but we have two and it does get them confused. But there is no distinction of specific parts.


It detected the microwave light as an unknown that popped up everytime I opened the microwave door. When it detects a “microwave”, it is really detecting the magnetron.


Thanks Ben… I’ve had tickets open and closed for as long as I’ve had the device. Everything seems to “check” out on the data side but I updated my last ticket for some advice. We’ll see what happens.


I find this image from the main Sense Web site a little funny - and possibly a little misleading (for sure - I know this is marketing…) But now past a year of usage and I’ve not had any lights found, my dryer doesn’t show up, nor my microwave, or any of my TVs. Heck - I even have a guitar amp and studio monitor speakers and other whole house audio systems. Nada.

I’ve pretty much stopped watching until I happen to get a reminder e-mail about this forum and I fire it back up on my phone to see if anything has changed. It hasn’t. It can’t even keep my EV straight and it pulls 20kWh each time I plug it in. Sense couldn’t ask for a larger device to point a finger at…

Be back in a few months!!




I just wanted to chime in and say that overall, I’m having a pretty good experience! Although I’ve had oddities like my pantry light that keeps disappearing, I have two refrigerators, one AC, one furnace, several lights, a dryer, stove, oven, and microwave that are all mostly reliably reporting. It even found my hair dryer! I also just got a discovered washer and two mystery heat sources. There are certain things I wish it would find, like my infrared porch heater (uses 4-5Kwh when on) and my towel warmer, not to mention the ton of other components for TV/home entertainment and computers, but overall I’m really happy with it. Even if I still can’t explain my high power billls, I think it is just that I have a ton of stuff on all the time. Still working on figuring out what that is.

Edited to add I got my Sense monitor in late September


U have also found very much luck after having sense for a year now.sense has identified 34 devices with about 98 percent accuracy.My always on is down to 116 watts after locating some devices that we’re using high always on watts.Hot tub and Dryer show up as same device but I am sure that as time comes these will being separated as signatures are not the same.


I reset my system about 60 days ago thinking a fresh start would help. Nope. Still only finding my garage door opener, water heater, furnace blower, toaster oven, and my fridge. The goodness of having my EV detected is now gone. I’ll check again in a few months. If I was a new user I’d have given up already on machine learning. It should have already rediscovered everything that was already on the system within some period of time.

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You did far better in two months than I did in over a year, but I’m still working with Sense support and seem to be making progress. Don’t give up hope!



Kind of… LOL - I started this thread. :slight_smile:


Does that say you are were using 20,786 Watts at the time you did the screen capture? That’s 173 Amps considering a power factor of 1. That’s a significant amount of consumption. Have you tried turning unused devices off or have you look for devices that may be producing a lot of “noise”?

For instance, when my plasma TVs are on, device are rarely detected properly and there’s a plasma on for at least 12 hours a day at my house.