A/C outside 220 unit not being detected

I figured my outside AC unit would be detected by now being that I have my inside 110 air handler and Ecobee on a smart plug but no such luck coming up on the end of the second summer with Sense installed.

I just removed the smart plug from the 110V air handler in my attic which is run by my ecobee thermostat so lets see if Sense will finally detect my outside 220V unit that is controlled by the unit in the attic or if it will just continue to be shown as a giant grey Other bubble on my Sense app.

I don’t think the smart plug should have any impact on detecting your exterior unit. As far as Sense is concerned, they are totally separate devices, as they are in life. I haven’t seen any indication on the forums or in my experience that would indicate otherwise. My compressor has been detected for 2 years, but I’ve never had my air handler detected. I think i’ve seen people here on the forums talk about their air handlers being detected, but not their AC. I think like everything else in Sense, device detections depends on your homes conditions, and maybe something is going on that makes it hard for Sense to detect your AC components.

Is your system a newer system with variable speed fans or compressor? If so, similar to most other variable speed devices, Sense may have a hard time ID’ing it.

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My very simple 1 stage compressors were found natively by Sense independent of the furnace air handlers which I have on HS110s. The air handlers were found later but I merged with the HS110 versions because the HS110 was seeing a couple of extra components plus an Always On, that Sense would never detect/separate.