About Sense Labs

We’re excited to announce Sense Labs - a new space where users can try out our latest projects, share information and offer feedback directly to the engineers who developed them.

Our first project focuses on electrical fault detection. We’re starting with a motor stall detector, and we plan to release projects related to power quality (including voltage data) soon.

We don’t expect to detect faults in your home perfectly, but we want to share our data with you as we develop our thinking around these projects. Your feedback will be very helpful as we develop this technology. We’ve also collected some resources for users who want to learn more about motor stalls and investigate a potential motor stall in their own home further.

Sense Labs FAQ

How do I access Sense Labs?

Sense Labs is now available on iOS, Android, and the Web App. Sense Labs is an opt-in feature, which you can turn on in Settings > General > Sense Labs. To access Sense Labs projects, navigate to Trends > Labs. You can share stories and access conversations about Sense Labs projects in the Sense Labs community forums.

What topics can I discuss in the Sense Labs category?

Topics in this category should be directly related to one of the Sense Labs projects, which will each have their own sub-category in the forum. The first Sense Labs project available via the web app is Fault Detection: Motor Stalls and can be found here.

Where can I share feedback on Sense Labs experiments?

We’d love your feedback on Sense Labs projects.
For feedback on Sense Labs in general, share your feedback here.
For feedback on Sense Labs projects, please share your feedback in the project survey below.

* [Experiment] Fault Detection: Motor Stalls

Why is my input about Sense Labs projects valuable to Sense?

We want to know what you think about our latest ideas! Your experiences and feedback will help Sense products evolve. Through Labs experiments, we aim to move closer to our vision of smart homes that are more insightful and less wasteful than they are today.


As a reminder, please do not reach out to Sense Support for issues related to a Sense Labs experiment. We encourage you to share your feedback here in the Sense Labs section of the community.

I just learned about sense labs today. so I checked it out. the power quality graph is great. our LED lights flickered yesterday. the reason was recorded in the power quality output. a dip to 65 volts!!
Power in my neighborhood is terrible. it’s all underground with most of the transformers boxes being from the 70’s. this is very cool data.