AC compressor went out?! Sense kinda detected it!

Today, I got a notification from Sense that I had reached an all-time high for energy use. That was interesting because while I’m in Texas, the temp today was less than 90 and there should be no reason to be using that much power. About an hour later my wife said “something must be wrong with our AC - it’s set to 74 and it’s 81 degrees in here!”

I loaded up the ecobee app and found her assessment to be correct … it was not working. I turned everything off for an hour or so hoping that maybe it was “frozen” up, but that hasn’t fixed it. So, sounds like I’ll be calling the AC guys tomorrow.

But, I wanted to share the graphs of what we see in Sense. It’s neat that Sense detected that issue and alerted me - while not specific, it’s great that Sense saw something!

Today’s graph

Yesterday’s graph over the same time period

Event Log from Sense


Looks like the compressor motor tries to start but is not able.
Could be only the capacitor that needs to be replaced.
[fingers crossed]

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