Sense alerted me to a huge AC malfunction


I’m new here so I’m not sure what’s the right way to describe this. I’m open to feedback! It started with “Your usage spiked 405% yesterday.” This blog post tells about 1/3 of the story.

Question: could I have isolated the problem to my AC, before the electrician and HVAC guys did their parts?

Sense software could have deducted that an electric motor was trying to start but failed.
With the right detection software at the Sense side, it could have send you a similar coded message.
Is that what you mean ?

Right now it only warned you about 400% usage and you (and helpers) deducted the rest.

@debronkart ,

Great story. You might want to at the “Labs” part of your Sense app or web app. There you will find a detector for motor stalls. A jammed compressor motor often shows as a string of motor stalls, as does a jammed sump pump. Sense keeps a 30 day history of motor stalls around, though the Labs detector for Motor Stalls might not find 100%.

Here’s what mine looks like - 0 stalls I the past 30 days.