AC detection

I have a Trane XL20l two stage compressor which Sense found within a week of installation. It’s also very consistent in detecting the on and off of each stage. It still hasn’t found my air handler and doubt it ever will.

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My compressor runs on the 2nd stage most of the time anywhere from 45-75percent for about 19 hrs straight I’m in florida. We had all the insulation done in the attic 3 mths ago and didn’t help. Mine also is XL20i

I’m in Florida as well. Here is today. Stage 1 runs followed by stage 2.

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What about your nexia

I use a Ecobee 3 now, Nest before that.

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You might have a similar situation to mine. My system is single stage and Sense has detected the compressor just fine, the air handler and any other fan motor we have go undetected.
While I’d really like the air handler detected for a full picture of the HVAC, having the compressor alone provides me enough.
One thing I’m not sure of with the compressor detection is if it includes the condenser fan. One doesn’t operate without the other and they are on the same breaker and wire set.

Sounds like spray foam.
Do you have a crawl space? Attic insulation isn’t going to be as noticeable in the warmer months as it is the summer.
Getting a crawl space and especially ductwork in order, sealed up would be noticeable instantly.
We’re you the user that had foam sprayed recently?

I think mine includes the condenser fan with the compressor. No positive proof of that, but after watching it for a year now I believe it is.

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No spray foam. Bats with 16" blown in on top. First we removed everything and checked for leaks and sealed all of them, then a test,then installed bats and blown in. No crawl space, had air test for the duct work done also and 2 exhaust fans install in attic.

All of that had no impact on AC or electric costs? What type of windows?

It didn’t really change much, single pane windows but those we be changed in October.

Hopefully that helps. We will be doing for insulation when it cools down. Single pane windows will be next.

I’d be really interested to hear how the windows do on your AC and electric.

If you were sold the system based on the higher Seer rating then that’s part of it.
I had s20 or 22, they were trying to sell me an 28 for $8,000-$10,000. I ended up buying I think a 14 for $4,800 after an installer I trust showed me the facts on how much energy is saved per Seer. It would ha e taken the life of the unit to recover the extra cost.

The higher SEER is based on the highest possible SEER achievable. It is not what it will get every day.

A 14-16 SEER is probably the best value for money for the larger, full house/ducted units.

I just received a quote for a 4 tonne replacement unit. $16K, all the parts together wouldn’t add up to $6K. $10K for labour is ridiculous.

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I almost bought aGoodman and installed myself. The main reason I didn’t was because the precharge was for 25 foot lineset and I’m at over 35. I didn’t want to fool around with buying Freon or charging or I would have saved about $1500.

Those single windows are a problem for sure. I bet holding your hand a few inches away on the exterior, feels cool. I’ll also wager they aren’t caulked in and sealed off. Back when they installed singles, they didn’t know the things they know today about efficiency. Even my double pane weren’t installed very well when the house was built in 2000.

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Where r u located

Brooklyn, NYC. I was double what I expected.
We plan to redo our small backyard later this year(some idiot tiled it, Tiles don’t work in our climate and more than 50% have come loose. We are replacing them with pavers). The plan is to remove the old R22 Compressor before the work and install the new gear after the work.

R u in Florida also? Single pane is what most of the homes have here.

There r different length precharged line sets u can purchase

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