Sense doesn't detect my Lennox HVAC

After more than a year Sense doesn’t recognize my Lennox HVAC. Has anyone had a different experience? Any suggestions.

Is it single speed or variable speed?

Variable speed.

Sense has difficulty detecting variable speed devices. Maybe try reaching out to support for this.

I did that.
Let’s see what happens.

Do you think that this “other” could be the Lennox? Is “other” just one thing or everything that has not been identified?

“Other” is using a lot of electricity and the demand through the day is what I would expect for the HVAC.

My Lennox HVAC system has a 2-stage compressor and a variable speed fan. I’ve restarted the Sense several times over the two years I’ve had it and it’s taken from 3 to 19 days to find the 1st stage compressor each time. I’ve let the Sense run up to a year and it’s never found the 2nd stage or the fan. The fan circulates the air for 20 minutes out of the hour 24/7 so it runs a lot. I’m guessing the way the fan ramps up and down slowly makes it hard to detect.

Thanks for the reply.
My Sense has been running since January, 2018 with a few random disconnects but no reset.

Do you see that same off and on picture like my “other” above?

I’m not sure what you mean by “off and on”. Are you calling the bars “on” and the gaps between them “off”? If so, that’s just a plotting thing with each bar representing one hour or so. Mine looks like…


Yes, the “Other” is everything that hasn’t been identified and that isn’t included in “Always On”. When my AC is running in 2nd stage, “Other” is a bit over twice the size of the AC. The “AC” that Sense is reporting is just my 1st stage compressor so “Other” contains the 2nd stage, the fan plus everything else in the house that hasn’t been identified or included in “Always On”. That’s one way I know it’s only seeing the 1st stage.

OK. Thanks. I see the plotting scheme now. After more than a year I am not optimistic that Sense will figure this out without some help.

Sense, maybe you could look at the signals from Stuart’s and my Lennox variable speed compressors and figure this out.

If only it were that simple. We’ve been working hard on variable speed motors for a while. The major challenge is that Sense relies on pattern recognition. With no pattern (a variable-speed motor sort of looks like noise), there’s just not a lot to recognize. There’s other options for detection though and we’re making some steady progress. You already mentioned reaching out to Support, which is what I would’ve suggested to do. Once you’ve done that, we can include the waveforms of your HVAC in our research pool.

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I have the same situation. 2 Bryant 2 speed AC compressors both with variable speed blowers. Sense has detected only one of them turning on at 1st stage.

Would support be interested in looking at mine?


I have two Lennox HVAC systems, both variable with their s30 thermostats and both seem to be recognized most of the time. Needless to say, they are both identical except the tonnage, so it can not really differentiate between the two.

Good to know.