Add a new rate zone over a certain kwh

It would awesome if in settings for electricity info - time of use rate zones, a option of adding a different rate above certain kwh during a billing cycle.
In my state, my power company charges as follows.
.07985 from 1 September to 31 may. (This is easy. I just use this as my default) its the same charge all day every day during this time of year. No peaks or any of that.
But 1 June to 31 August it is charged as follows.
From 0-800 kwh its .085005 but anything over 800kwh is charged at .095567. These rates aren’t accurate. Just an example.
At no time of the year are there peak hours or days.
Just summer charge and non summer charge.
But in the summer 1 June ne to 31 August our first 800 kwh are xxx rate… over 800 kwh it goes to a higher rate.
I think there would be plenty of people needing this feature beings this is our entire state charged this way.
Some option to add another rate over a certain kwh within the billing cycle. And of course that would need to be reflected on the current power draw with the 7 cents per hour at this rate area…

This kind of capability is referred to as “Tiered Billing”. There’s already a Wish List item for it here:

You should “Like” the original request to get your vote in.

BTW - I think the number of tiered rate plans in the US are beginning to wane. Many utilities are trying to replace them with TOU rate plans that better reflect the cost structures for their energy sources.


Thank you very much.
I did go and like it.
I didn’t know what they called it.
Now I know.

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Just want to say thank you to the Sense Team for creating the rates function now in the app. I have set up all my different times for when my rates change during the days and months of the year and it seems to work fine. Thank you Sense