Add daily stats to Meter


I love my solar. I love Sense. Solar+Sense, double the love.

Of course my new quest is to use less then I produce. Thanks to sense I’ve knocked about 250 watts off my always on, and my 80% solar system is now producing about 100% (even higher in these summer months).

At home I have a cheap ($35) android tablet glued to the wall and I often leave the sense meter running so I can glance up and see my solar happiness.

It would be great if there was a option to add daily production and usage stats to this screen. I suppose a configuration option could be for daily or monthly or billing cycle stats.

Another minor annoyance I can’t get to the daily stats information (trends/usage) without pulling the tablet off the wall and flipping it vertical so the stats become visible on the bottom of the screen.

Thanks, again for a great product. I’m having just too much fun saving $3/day in electricity.