Always On Calculation

I’m puzzled by the Always On calculation. Mine seems high and I wonder how it’s calculated. It seems to me that my Always On load should be the lowest usage period in a 24 hour timeframe. My lowest usage at this point is in the mornings at just over 300 watts. But my Always On value in the Sense app is 800! Seems messed up.

There is a known issue with it right now

How long does your 300w usage lasts? Sense uses the 1% for the always on calculation (this was changed so erroneous 0w measurements don’t impact the always on number).

The 0w will have an impact if it’s because a data dropout. Just had it happen a few days ago and sense recognizes a a dropout the same as 0w use. It stuck me at zero I believe for a day.

Your always on was reported as 0w due to data dropout? That doesn’t sound right based on my understanding of the latest always on calculation. It should only be possible if you have more than 1% of data dropped out (more than 15 min per day) .

I believe it was more than 15 minutes that day and I think it happened twice that day.
I posted a screenshot of it at the time

My usage would stay at 300-ish watts for 30 minutes or more at a time. I assume that should be long enough to establish it a baseline?