Always On - New Detected Devices

Observation: This morning at 8:59am, Sense detected two new devices (Dishwasher & a furnace component). Its previous detection occurred in November 2019. In between these detction periods, my Always On value steadily increased from 84w to 90w - without any changes to my electrical environment.

Outcome: Following today’s new detections, my Always On has returned to its original 84w.

Question: Is this just an anomaly or is this by Sense’s intended design? Has this been noted by anyone else?

Trust, I love the Sense product and maintain a diligent high-awareness of all of my key baseline values and historic outcomes. This observation is undeniable and I merely which to know if this can be reliably used to indicate potential upcoming detection-events.

I wouldn’t think that 6watts would indicate a change at all and would just be normal fluctuations by devices or within measurement tolerances if the Sense monitor.
I’ve had swings if 600-800 watts in my always on causes by Sense counting detected devices in the wrong category.


Dan… I definitely follow your logic. For me, the seemingly small 6w represents approximately 7% of my total Always On. Just checking my inner-thoughts, against the solid perspectives of the seasoned Sense-user. I was becoming concerned with the steady rise and wished for some logical explanation. So, I’ll set my expectation for continuous ebbs & flows of Always On.

What percentage does your 600w-800w swing represent for you, comparative to your Always On?

Sense “Always On” is not linked to new detections. It is subject to statistical variations in your lowest usage (1% bin) over the last 48 hours. And it can be greatly affected by occasional data dropouts where Sense drops power usage temporarily. Here’s the info on how Always On is computed.

My always on is normally around 25% of total usage. Right now that’s 450w. So when I get these wild fluctuations that I ha e identified the cause of the calculations swing back and forth quite a bit and can raise my always in to almost 50% and the spike could be as high as 50% of that.