Has Anybody Noticed a Different Behavior in Always On?

Around mid-day on April 10th, my Always On dropped from about 450-500W to around 240W. Roughly concurrently, all my Always On values from smart plugs disappeared from the Always On device list, leaving just the hand-entered ones.

There might be a chance that Sense decided to remove smartplug measured Always On from the calculated house Always On, to avoid double counting. That would mean that Always On usage for smartplugs only shows in those device usages. My current 240W value for Always On actually seems about right in that context. But I haven’t heard about a product change that reflects this theory.

Mine hasn’t changed at all… still showing all the smart plugs and my Always On has been consistent.

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No change. Always On still listing Smartplugs, though I find it confusing why it lists Air Handler as an always on device.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Beachcomber . I don’t know about your case, but both my furnaces / air handlers have an Always On component to them. They each use about 6-8W of Always On to continuously power the control board and attached thermostat.

Don’t those have to be manually input? I ended up manually added all of my estimated always on vampires not on any traceable smart plugs, that are electronics and generally undetectable, such as my Radon Fan, modem/router, smart displays, etc when the feature was released a few months ago. Although I do see one of my beta integrations from an outlet show up there which seems to have detected an always on load and was added automatically.

I have my pair of clamps on the air handler. Only reason it works.

Got it. So Sense must have detected always on usage from that and added it automatically to always on. As for your question of “why is there usage when it’s not running” would be vampires :wink:

My smart plugs are still showing in my Always On list. Currently running 1.35.3347-432344a0-master.

Thanks @dennypage, you inspired me to look at my monitor version. I hadn’t realized that I had gotten a beta version. I suspect that that’s the cause, though there were not supposed to be any customer-facing changes.

Famous last words… :slight_smile:

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