Always On devices moved to smart plugs - How to subtract from house Always On?

A good portion of my “Always on” devices are ones that I moved onto their own smart plugs months ago. How do I get them to come off of “always on”? I wouldn’t mind but some of these are 1-200W devices which throws the numbers off by a lot.

The Always On from the smart plugs is already being subtracted off already ! You just need to know where to look ! Go to the Always On device in the device list and scroll down a bit. You should see something like this that automatically calculates (for smart plugs) and adds up all the known Always Ons by device, and subtracts the total from the house level Always On, to give the Always On remainder that is unattributed.

If you want, you can use the “+” button to add additional “known” Always Ons.

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My always on is currently broken for all devices. Bubbles & devices, “Always On Devices” only shows “Sense Energy Monitor”. Thinking this may be related to today’s ‘Incident’.

On that note I’ve mentioned it a few times before how I would love to see the Always On bubble show “estimated unknown”. Similar as to how the normal bubbles show “always on”.

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