"Always On" bubble still shows 513 Watts even after turning ever thing off

I was attempting to identify circuits that carried away-on loads. So I went ahead and systematically turned off almost all the breakers and devices in my house with the exception of those that were required to keep the Sense device working (Verizon ONT, 2 routers, a network switch, and two led light bulbs). Collectively, all of the devices that were still on amounted to about 108 watts as shown in the screenshot, yet the always-on bubble still showed 513 watts. If fact it did not change at all as I was turning off the breakers on by one. So I’m wondering why it didn’t change?

Always On is a special device category and bubble, that is based on a calculation that looks at your Total Usage over the past 48 hours. It is designed to let you see the energy used by you house that is not turning on and off regularly. Given the calculation, you could turn off everything in your house and Always On wouldn’t drop to zero until about 30 minutes later. So you have to search for devices that are contributing to Always On a little differently. Here’s how Sense suggests you do it.

Info on the actually statistical calculation here:

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