Aways On - turning off

My sense detected an ‘Always On’ wattage of 308W. I turned off some of the devices but it’s showing always on Wattage of 308W, my Wine Fridge at 67W and the current wattage at 217W.

It looks like it keeps the ‘Always On’ wattage at the average no matter what devices are actually on at the time. I would have expected it to deduce that the ‘Always On’ power is less since some of the devices consuming that power are no longer consuming power.

Sense watches your power usage over a 24hr period and uses the “low water mark”, after offsetting any detected device, as “Always On” power. The idea is that this represents all the stuff in your house that never turns off - vampire/sleep power to chargers and appliances, your internet modem/router, the Sense device itself, garage door receivers listening for the remote (10W each in my house).

The “Always On” can change from day to day and can show power wastage. I left some hidden lights on overnight and the “Alway On” baseline went up by 200W. That’s a good indicator that you have left something extra turned on.

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I see now. I didn’t give it time to drop. I’m now at 213 always on. Sure would be nice to be able to isolate what is doing what!

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