Lowest Always-On Wattage?

Sense reports that the average for Always-On power is 288 Watts. How low (or high) is your Always-On power?

I’ll start the sharing with my own: 139 Watts.

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So, which is it? 288 or 139? :grinning:

139 for me. 288 average for all Sense users (according to Sense).

53 watts in my new condo, which seems accurate AFAIK. In the last day or two, it jumped to 109-113. Apparently my 1.5yo helped me find an outside incandescent that I overlooked when replacing lights.


340 normally…

340 lowest, 350-360 normally.

Now it’s at 47 watts.


Mine is usually around 499

Mine is at 96 right now, seems to hang around there most of the time.

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573 :open_mouth:

Do I win some sort of booby prize?

Other is 1,100


How’s that?


Nope. If anyone does, I do. Mine is 864 right now. I have seen it as high as 1100. I have searched and searched to see what it is making it so high, and the only conclusion is that we must just have a lot of crap plugged in.

On line a little more than a month and mine right now is 261

337W for us.

273 after ~1.5 years. My daily use is about 25-30 kWh.

Ours was 28W when first installed. That’s just Sense itself, the cable modem/wireless router combo, our GFCI outlets pulling a couple of watts apiece, and a few more watts for microwave clock, bedside clock, etc. When we wired our pumphouse to the main house panel we added our UV sterilization light which is 42W always on and brings it up to 70W.

Why so high for some folks??


4 clusters of “always on” devices (including TiVos, WiFi access points, switches, modem, etc.) at 20-30W each, 3 garage door openers that each eat 15W waiting for RF signals, a couple of Toto toilets that are never allowed to go cold…

I’m at about 300W

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I am embarrassed, mine is 1143. I do have allot of stuff running, from internet connected devices too network connected sound activated lights. I counted all my network/internet connected devices and at any given time I have over a hundred devices connected to my network.

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Currently at 515w

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269W. Includes a Synology NAS, 2 Unifi APs, a switch and a gateway, a SmartThings hub and dozens of zwave devices, and your normal clocks both standalone and appliance.