Always On Survey

I know a lot of you are eager to help Sense improve

We’re conducting research to better understand Always On energy use. This will enable us to better tailor our approach to these loads in the home. We sent out a brief, 3-minute survey (via the Timeline, you may need to scroll down to find it) to a randomly selected batch of Sense users and we’d love if you could take it.

We will be sharing the results once it is completed.


Got the invite and filled it out. :slight_smile:

I haven’t gotten the survey invite. My Always On is usually over 700w.

wow that’s super high. Mine is at 159 W

My thoughts exactly. Try to figure out what’s all in that number.

Yeah I can imagine you want to figure that one out. I know I have lots of Smarthome stuff that is using tiny bits of energy to stay “awake” such as a couple dozen smart light bulbs, several hubs (Philips Hue, SmartThings, etc), in addition to that stuff like Cable modem, 3 TVs, 2 Cable boxes, XBox One, Sound bar, Microwave clock, several phone chargers, etc. So all in all I’m surprised mine is this low actually.

If you are comfortable switching off breakers(and don’t have any critical power items, ie health or safety related), you could try turning then off one by one (Leave the Sense unit one of course). You could narrow it down to a circuit then.

We had a user on here a couple of weeks ago that had a 2000W always on.
He found the circuit this way. Wasn’t sure what it was but left it off until an electrician could look into it.

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I have all of those things running in my house. They all add up. I’ve found some of the big hitters.

I have been throwing breakers and chasing them down that way. My office is around 175-200w doing nothing with computers/server/wifi switches and APs. Still have more to go.

I responded to the survey too! I should have shared in the comments that I control all of my tv’s and set top boxes with the koogeek smart switches to reduce my always on.

That’s a great start @RyanAtSense! I’m glad to finally see Sense reaching out to the users.

How about another short survey when you sign up that asks about your major appliances?

  • Do you have an electric or gas water heater?
  • Is your water heater a tank or tankless style?
  • Do you have an electric or gas furnace?
  • Do you have an electric or gas clothes dryer?
  • How many garage door openers do you have?
  • How many A/C units do you have?
  • If you have A/C, is it a central system or window units?

Just these few questions can help the algorithm immediately rule out certain patterns it needs to look for and thus reducing the number of potential combinations.

I look at it like a doctor… you can go in with very generic symptoms, but by asking a few questions they can narrow down what specifically they need to look for.

I could see this both improve the speed in which sense detects devices but also the accuracy of the said said devices.

I really don’t understand why you don’t give the system a head start.


We’re definitely looking into include that sort of survey in the app in the future. Like you said, it would certainly help us to know exactly what’s in your home.

@RyanAtSense, I got the email today requesting to take the survey and there is a problem with the link. It is the same error on all my devices: Windows Desktop, iPad and Android phone. Below is the error:

Let me know if your support people need more information. My Internet connection was healthy when this error occurred.

Also, I encountered another error and not you have seen it. On my iPad, when I was viewing and pressed the login button, I got the error below:

Just saying…

I got the survey but it needed a USA zip code. I’m in Canada so I used 00000 and added my postal code to other comments.

I got the survey email a second time. Same survey?

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I got this survey too - filled it out. But it felt a bit incomplete at least based on what I’m running. Here’s an idea - why not offer me the capability to add the devices/appliances I have into the app, and then have sense try to map to these devices? That way, you’ll get a clear picture of what’s missing without having to use hard to interpret/use surveys? It would give you an easy way to determine how big a gab the device has between what the customer expects and what Sense is providing?

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Filled it out.

I took and and then turned back on the IP address option on the app. I had it on for a time and I did not see any thing, I hope now it might if you are lookiing at always on. Thank You.

Thanks for taking this survey, everyone. We’ll work up the results and share what we found out soon. We’re working hard at making your Always On experience better and this is a solid step in that direction!